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  • Stephen Olsen says:

    You sent me a request for my responses to your “2021 Legislative Survey” which I filled out and mailed back to you in your self addressed envelope to: Senator Kirk Cullimore, PO Box 900986, Sandy, Utah 84090. This letter was returned to me today marked “Return to Sender, Not Deliverable, Unable to Forward”. I thought you would like to know what happened.

    I’m sure it is too late to respond to your survey now, however I did want to voice my strong concern about our state legislatures inappropriate action to override local governments and health care authorities decisions to protect our community health. Why do you feel that the Federal government shouldn’t enforce it’s power over states self governance in heath care issues and then treat our local governments as if the state government has the right to override their authority to govern on a local level? Our state leaders seem unwilling to listen to local leaders, health care professionals and teachers. Our state leaders often announce that education is a top propriety however, your recent actions make me wonder if the message our state leaders are sending is, “we want to spend more money on education but we don’t want to be bothered with the real time challenges that classroom teachers are facing right now. We know what’s best for this State”! If you care I don’t sense that in your resent actions.
    Thanks for your service.
    Stephen Olsen

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